Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random craft thoughts

Lately I've been wanting to do some scrapbooking, but I left all my supplies at home (stupid stupid stupid). I've also been eyeing a accessory tote kit at Wal-Mart that is FULL of scrapbooking supplies. I was going to wait and ask for it for Christmas but I can't take it anymore. I went and bought it! I'm also looking forward to finding some stamp gift tags in the mail that I won from a very mary design! So tonight I went home and got to crafting. Here's some pics of the tote and my latest project; a mini scrapbook of my trip to Silver Dollar City this summer.

Remember how I made a pincushion a while back?? Well I was planning on making one for my mom for Christmas. Yesterday my mom called me and come to find out she was planning on giving me some pincushions that she made for Christmas. How ironic is that considering we have never mentioned making pincushions to each other until yeaterday?!? Here are some pics of the pincushions she made.

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