Sunday, December 16, 2007

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

...then here's fifteen thousand for ya'.

I got this from Mary Ann. The rules are 1. you must use a picture to answer each question. 2. the picture must be found by doing a Google image search. 3. the image has to be found on the first page of results from the search. So here goes...

Age on next birthday:

The twenty-one, not the elephants :)

A place you'd like to visit:

All the way down Route 66 baby

One favorite place:

A favorite object:

The two cameras I own

My favorite food:

Mmm...cherry cheesecake, especially mom's

Favorite color:

Favorite animal:

I used to want to be an orca trainer for sea world, who would have thought?!?

Name of first pet:

Where I live:

"Ooooooklahoma" doesn't that make you want to break out in to song?!?

First grade teacher's name:

My middle name:

A bad habit:

I grew up not having a television and now I can't pull myself away from it

College major:

No...that man is not my major. It's mass communication.

My favorite holiday:

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IheartHuckabee said...

Very cool blog. I may do that on my Myspace page.