Monday, January 7, 2008

Bop Bop Sh-Bop

Today my parents and I went on a road the 50s! Really we just turned off HWY 75 and ate at the Be-Bop Diner. It's a relatively new restaurant but has the feel of days-gone-by. I'm a fan of Happy Days, Route 66, and all those old things and this the Be-Bop diner made me feel like I was almost there!

There were cute things on the menu such as the Johnny B.L.T. Goode and the You ain't nothin' but a hot dog! But I ended up being lame getting the usual classic hamburger. It was good. So I'll stop rambling and show the pictures I took...

So for kids 12 and under the food comes in a classic car. I was drooling over the cars hrmm, looking at them when the lady asked me if I wanted my food in one too. Heck yeah, I did! I'm not that far from 12...right?? All you have to do is switch the two numbers...anyway, my fries came in the cutest cardboard classic car I've ever seen!

I hope the Be-Bop Diner is successful so I can eat there again next time I'm home from college.
Speaking of college...I have to go back tomorrow :( Blah, I'm enjoying my break to much to think about school work right now.


IheartHuckabee said...

Cool place. Chris almost took me to a place like that the last time we were in McAlester.

That French fry holder is the cutest!!

Just a Walk in the Park said...

I love the diner! Did you get a Dr. Pepper?

When I was in college there was a great one in Hattiesburg, MS called Rocket City Diner. It had the best fried pickles EVER!

Be safe going back to school and good luck in the next sememster.
The Park Wife

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Really cute blog and a great banner picture. I'm from Oklahoma too. Keep on writing.

Greta said...

OKAY so do you think they would give me fries in a classic car..bwhahahahaha i mean i could just tell them i was twelve...

i am glad you commented i didn't even know you read my silliness!!

i now have you in my bloglines!!

come out of hiding more often!
Nice to meet you! :)


cindy said...

Heck yeah! I'd want my fries in that little car too! : ) Nothing like a good ole dinner burger, they are usually the best! Looks like a great place.