Monday, January 14, 2008

Dancin' like Fred Astaire...

...well not yet.

I'm into my junior year at college and I figure it's time to do some things that have been on the to-do list for years. That is to take the classes I want to take, not just what is required. My chosen classes are choir, piano, and....DANCE!

Just so you understand what level I'm on...I can't read vocal music, I have only ever played four bars of music on the piano, and was raised in a church that did not allow dancing.

This semester I decided that if I don't get started I'm going to run out of opportunities to take these classes. So I sacrificed my regularly scheduled lunch time (that is a big deal for me) for choir and tap dance! BTW, my university added a musical theatre major this semester and now my tap dance counts for my theatre minor! My "just-for-fun" class is now put to some use.

Today was the first day of actual dancing in tap class. I learned all sorts of cool things like how to do a shuffle-hop-toe and the Susie-Q. I'll be on America's Got Talent before you know it! Well maybe not since this is only Tap 1.

Later in the semester the choir is going to go on a two day tour. I get to get out of classes to travel to high schools and universities in the area to do something fun :)

Picture from last year's tour.

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IheartHuckabee said...

So are you in the choir for beginners or the advanced choir? I HATED choir when I had to take it!!