Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The differences...

...between tap dancing and marching band.

I have spent the last 9 years in marching band, so the methods have become habit. I started tap dancing all of 3 weeks ago and have begun to realize how different it is then what I'm used to.

Case #1
In marching band the rule is KEEP YOUR TOES UP!!* You must always put your heels down first and roll your feet. In tap dance you must KEEP YOUR HEELS OFF THE GROUND!!* You only put the toes down if you have a reason to make the tap noise. I'm having to now adjust to using a whole other part of my feet :/

*If you do these wrong then you will get it yelled at you. :)

Case #2
In marching band you always, Always, ALWAYS start on the left foot. With tap dance it doesn't matter. Starting on your right or left foot is determined on which side of the group you're standing on.

Gosh, all the techniques I've used for the last 9 years out the window...oh well, I finished up my last semester of marching band in the Fall and I'm having a blast with tapping! BTW I got my new tap shoes in the mail yesterday and they are so beautiful!

<- That's what my shoes look like and no, those aren't my legs :(


Sarah said...

Good for you! If you win my giveaway, I can definitely make a tutu for you!

pinkjagxj said...

I accidentally deleted your entry into my giveaway. Can you please enter again? If not I will add you when the winner is picked.
I apologize so much!