Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Blog to check out

A while back I mentioned that my dad had a blog...well now my sis has one too. All we have to do is get my mom to start blogging then we'll be a whole family of bloggers! My sis's blog is called Rants & Raves. My sis tends to be a little more opinionated then we like. Each post will consist of a rant about something and a rave about something else (duh, now I'm just stating the obvious.) Anyway, she was nice enough to showcase me in her first post as the rant, I mean rave. Ok, all joking aside, you should really go over and check out my sis's blog...because I said so.


Rants/Raves said...

This is awesome!! Thanks a lot!! I have a question since I'm new at this. How do you add a list of your favorite blogs like you did? Is it only on certain templates?

Thanks again!!

Rants/Raves said...

Disregard my question. I just figured it out.

Carol said...

Hello there, you have visited my blog once or twice and I like to return visits. Do not have much time to check it all out at the moment.
Hey, your mom can blog if I can...I got so inspired by the other artists that I needed my own little bloggie land of my own to share and have visits too. This is all so newe to me, but I am learning! Nice work on your craft projects