Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday...8

Here's what happens when you're raised in Oklahoma...and are a camera nerd/book nerd by the age of 10.

I made my dad dress up in a straw hat and hold a water gun while I wore a "headdress" I had made from elastic and a feather and held a "slingshot" which was a loop of elastic, and made my mom take a picture with the infamous Barbie camera. (I was known for many years in Branson as "the girl with the Barbie camera”…long story…) I'm pretty sure the desire to have a picture of dad and I playing Cowboys and Indians was because I had just finished reading the Indian in the Cupboard for like the millionth time.

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KJ said...

This photo is so cute! Your Dad must have a blast with YOU!

Thanks for sharing!