Friday, February 1, 2008


About five minutes ago (literally) I was taking some popcorn out of the microwave and while I was doing that I began to think about some things that happened yesterday and today. I began to pray a prayer that I pray quite often...that God will make me slower to anger and quicker to forgive. Then my human nature wanted to kick in and I started thinking, "well sometimes there are times that it might be ok to kind of stay mad at someone longer to make a point or something." I then reached over to change my quote of the day calendar and today's is..."Don't hold grudges. It's pointless." All I could think was wow. That was totally meant for me, to knock some since in me to remember that no matter what the reason is that I get upset with someone I need to forgive them and not hold it against them; I have no right to hold grudges.

Anyway, a new Flashback Friday will be up shortly! And there are only two more days to enter in the giveaway posted below!

Now I'm off to eat my popcorn and watch Little Women!

Argg...I hate making posts with no pictures.

Heh, so after I wrote Argg I got the idea of putting a pirate picture of Kevin *giggles*

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