Sunday, February 24, 2008

Text under photo tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial about placing text under certain areas of a photo. Here is an zoomed in example from last week.

I chose a photo that has been beaten to death by my editing endeavors...but it is the only photo I have so far on my new lappy. (You'll want to click the photos to enlarge then bacause they came out pretty small.)

First thing to do is open a photo in your photo editing program. I used, but any photoshop like program.

Second, select the edge finder tool (the button that is chosen in the photo.)

Begin to select the edges of the area you want to place text behind. Always select an area larger then you think you will need...I actually didn't get a large enough area for this project so I just worked with what I had selected instead of starting over :) You may want to zoom in to help your project look its best.

After you've outlined the object connect the end and make sure it looks like this...

Make sure the black arrow is clicked then while the area is still outlined, type ctrl C, then ctrl V (on a mac it's the apple key instead of ctrl). This makes a copy of the selected area and duplicates it.

Then insert the text you want and choose the font and color you want.

Place the text and right click the double layered part of the picture click the option saying bring forward, placing it over the text. Then play around some more with the positioning of the text.

Then go to effects, transparency, and then even and figure out how transparent you want the text to be.

Then make sure to flatten your photo and save it and you have a neat looking picture!

These techniques can be used to place clipart and other things in photos as well. I hope this made sense, I feel like a second grader could do this now...of course there are probably a lot of second graders out there who know more about computers then I do. if you don't understand some of this or have other questions just let me know and I'll try to help ya' :)

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