Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, We're a Movin' On Up...

We really our movin' family is building a bigger home and one that is on a high elevation :) I'm going to try to keep everyone updated on the progress. Earlier last week my mom sent me an email telling about some of the work being done (mom please don't kill me for posting this)

"...yesterday morning they came out and started bulldozing. They cleared trees, made us a parking place by the garden and put gravel down. Then last night [my sis] called on cell phone cause home phone just rang and rang. They had cut phone line. :( Dad found both cut ends sticking out of dirt this morning, but he may wait til weekend to fix. So no phone, no internet. :'( ..."

Yesterday she sent me these pictures of bulldozing.

That's our old house that we're going to's actually farther away then it looks like.

I actually haven't been back home since MLK Day when we found the crazy door to nowhere, so I'm relying on mom's emails for updates...

(And don't worry they got the phone line fixed in just a couple of days.)

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