Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday...17

Since last night and tonight is my dance concert I decided to let you in on a performance secret. It's kind of a long story...but deal with it.

It all started in 1996. I was 9 years old and my family got session tickets to Silver Dollar City. I didn't really know much about the place but my dad kept telling me that it would be really fun. So we went and I had a blast! There were shows to go to, music to listen to, and rides to ride. So after spending the day at SDC my parents wanted to go see the night time show but my sis and I didn't want to; we wanted to stay in the hotel and watch TV. So they agreed to let us stay in the hotel. Mom and dad came back telling us how cool the show was and they sang all the fun music and one guy sang the song Pickup Man and they drove a pickup onto the stage. Sis and I agreed to go the next time. Well next time was the next year. So we all went to the show and loved it. There was a whole different group of performers but it was still awesome. That is when I discovered the singing group Chosen Few and have been a die-hard fan since, but that's another story.

Anyway, up until this point I didn't really listen to music didn't care about dancing or anything. But because I enjoyed the show so much I slowly began to listen to music (now I can't get enough of it). Over the next few years we continued to go to SDC and to the night time show. Then in 1999 one of the performers was a thirteen-year-old boy. I remember sitting in the bath tub one day and thinking "if he can perform in the show then I could too." I love the show so much that the only way to improve the experience would be to be in it. From that moment I decided I wanted to learn to sing and it would be my goal to get in the show. Some kids dream of being the next big star, but I just wanted to be at SDC. (I swear I'm getting to a point here.)

In 2002 Chosen Few left the show to go on tour and the format completely changed. The show went to having 10 singers and dancers. At first I hated it, mainly because Chosen Few was gone, but I began to like it to the point that I wanted to be in the show again. Only now not only did I have to keep working on my singing, but I have to learn to dance....crap. So it went down on my "Things to do" list. Since then I have continued to go to SDC every year (except one year we missed) and I go to the night time show and secretly still wish I was there. I think my friends have all figured that I gave that dream up a few years ago. But now the dream has expanded and I would totally settle for just like running the sound for the shows :)

Today's Flashback Friday is a photo of the singers/dancers from 2002 who inspired me to learn to dance and here we are six years later, and I'm finally marking it off my to-do list!

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