Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Baby

Yesterday my parents got me out of bed early to head to the four family yard sale down the road. We looked around and bought a hedge clipper for dad, some cute storage tins for the kitchen for mom, and an amazing Singer sewing machine that dates to the early 1950s for me! Not only does the machine work, but it's in really good condition (I'm going to sand the table though and give it a coat of paint). Warning: the following pictures are straight from the camera and kinda crappy.

The machine has an adorable little booklet with fun sketches. The booklet details everything! Fun fact: there are 52 spots where the machine can be oiled and all are marked in the diagrams.

There are a lot of feet that came with the machine that do all sorts of things such as ruffling and all sorts of different types of hems. There were also about 30 bobbins, 18 spools of thread, the hook & eye from every bra the owner ever had, a lot of cool old buttons, and tons of needles in the table drawers. The drawers were removed before the pictures were taken.

When we got the machine/table home we put it on the porch for a little while. My mom and I ended up oiling it and testing it out while it was still on the porch. There was a bit of squealing and jumping up and down that went on :) The machine totally has a knee peddle! I didn't even know they existed last week. I think my *new* $5 machine is actually a better machine then the $85 one I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. My only dislike is that the machine seems to only have one speed...fAST!


MaryCatherine said...

What an amazing find! that baby is worth some bucks too! I can't believe you got it for $5!!! I'm finding myself covetous :-P

So I was reading your previous post...your folks came from Arkansas eh? so did mine! I was actually born there. We all came from the Blytheville area...a very ugly and poor town. But we used to love to vacation in our little cabin in the Ozarks. What part is your family from?

Mitzi said...

Wow, great score! Now quit blogging and get to sewing ;)