Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things are changin'

Yesterday my Broadcast class got to take a hard hat tour of the fine arts building being built on campus! It was so amazing! The new building is for art, music, theatre, and...mass communication. We got to see the new theater, and it is amazing. There is an area for an orchestra pit that is going to be on hydraulics and a cat walk that runs around the enter top of the room. The building also has a TV studio that is gigantic and even has a garage door so we can easily load/unload equipment and even drive in a car to do a car commercial or something. There are three radio studios and like a million other cool things. We totally wanted to cry for joy when we saw everything :) We were hoping to be moved in by August, but it's looking like January now, which means that I'll only have one semester in the new building :( Unless I decide to stick around for an extra year or two and just take random classes....hmm.

Then today we got to meet one of the candidates for the new mass comm position. We're getting a new professor...without losing one first! Next Wednesday we get to meet the other candidate. We all really liked the guy that came today, especially after we found out he plays the bass. Mainly rock music. On a fender. We were sold...JK, no really we grilled him pretty hard to find out if he was qualified (because we have a professor right now who who's classes we've had to take over teaching most of the time because he doesn't know anything about the software or equipment) and the new guy that came in totally knows his stuff. In addition to the new staff member we are replacing a musical theatre teacher and an acting teacher, so there will be all sorts of new people next year.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the good news....I am the new costumer in the theatre department!!


Courtney said...

At least you get to use it for one semester. That's one more than I got to use it. :)

That's so awesome that you got to actually interview prospective professors. Were the people who are doing the hiring there to listen? I hope so.

Congrats on the costumer thing!!! Are you the head costume person? Are you designing costumes?

MaryCatherine said...

Congratulations! You're going to do so well at that! I've seen some of your creations and they are always amazing! :)