Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to Dallas

"It was a lovely day at Love Field."

Seriously, every video we watched over the last two weeks in my JFK class has started with that sentence. To end the class we loaded up in a bus and headed down to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. It wasn't as cool as we thought it would be. Most of us skipped all the exhibits and went straight to the sixth floor window. The closest you can stand is two windows away and while standing there we had quite the conversation about if the shot was possible or not.

The more fun part of the trip was hanging out in Dealey Plaza. We stood on the street in the exact spots where JFK was when he was hit and a couple of us "refilmed" the Zapruder film.

Now to the important question...who really shot JFK and who was involved?? Did Oswald act alone, was he working with the mafia, the CIA, the military, or all three?? If there was another shooter was he in the grassy knoll or on the triple overpass?? Was the KGB or Cuba in on it?? Or was Oswald set up?? Did Jack Ruby really just happen onto Oswald at the police station or was the mafia using him and finally giving him his "chance"?? There is some evidence that can be used to make every one of these claims. Who do I think did it...I'm not sure yet, but I have to decide and write a paper over it by June 16.

Taken while standing in the spot where JFK got hit by the fatal shot.

Some think shot(s) came from right where I was standing in the grassy knoll when I took this.

Or maybe from the overpass...

The whole group in Dealey Plaza. I'm in the front row in the black shirt and our teacher Dr. Cowger is sitting to my left.

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