Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last Friday

I got to sleep in on Friday for the first time in a long time!

While I was sleeping a semi track jack-knifed on our hill dumping a load of sod on our land, three electric company trucks came roaring up our drive-way, then rain began to pour down...and I slept through it all. I'm pretty sure an Oklahoma tornado wouldn't have woken me up.

Before I jump into those pictures I want to share some of the progress on our house. Early last week the foundation was poured. It took 7 cement trucks to do it all. (Please forgive the fact that all these photos are straight out of the camera.)

Our builder places a Bible in the foundation of each house where the front doorway will be.

I haven't been back up there since the foundation was laid, but I'll get some more pics soon. The framing is going to start in the morning.

Ok, back to Friday. Anyone remember the load of pipes dumped on our property a couple of weeks ago...well it was like deja vu. A truck trying to go up the hill, doesn't make it, and the load ends up on our yard...yeah. These photos are courtesy of my mom because I was sleeping :)

Then the power company came to put in a new power pole for the new house!

And I'm totally going to sleep in again tomorrow...who knows what could happen while I'm sleeping like a rock...


Courtney said...

That is so cool about the Bible in the foundation of the house!! I'm sure Mom & Dad loved it.

I can't wait to come home this weekend and see all of the progress.

i am very mary said...

You know, maybe a truck full of money will miss the turn. Or something.