Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pipes and Birds

My mom called me today while I was on my way home and said that there was a lot of pipes had been spilled our yard and that I would have to park on the road...I was so confused.

She had just got home and saw that a load of oil well pipelines had been spilled on our yard. I got home and saw a work crew as they were just putting the first load of pipes onto a trailer. Come to find out a guy, named Alex something, was driving up the hill with a load of pipes and when he was almost at the top his trailer breaks failed. He ended up sideways across the road and all the pipes slid off onto our land. (He was a real nice guy.)

It's my driveway that the CASE 621D is in.

Later (after the electricity blinked about 8 times-we've been having some crazy wind that I think is causing our power to flicker the past couple of days. Ooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!) my parents and I were out in the backyard and decided to take a closer look at a birds nest perched on the drain pipe. Mom broke out the binoculars and I tried to take some pics through them (it worked with a telescope in astronomy). I had some problems because of the flash and after putting the camera on a tripod and turning off the flash I still had binocular shake :/ But I got a decent pic and lightened it so you can see the four birds in the nest. They're getting really big and I'm not really sure how they all fit in the nest. (You can click the pic to make it bigger.)

BTW you may of noticed last Friday or you can pretend that you did that I didn't do a Flashback Friday. I'm taking a break for now since I'm working two jobs and will be pretty stinkin' busy. I hope to start it back up in the Fall.

Wow, lets pretend that this note isn't a big jumble of stuff. I'm sleepy and watching Friends. I'm going to bed now because the alarm starts going off tomorrow at 5:55 a.m. :(


i am very mary said...

I love surprise bird nests!

Courtney said...

So how do you explain the crazy wind in Tyler the past couple of days? ;)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

You live in Oklahoma? I just drove through there with my parents and neice on a road trip. We stopped and saw that giant blue whale off of route 66. We were a couple other places but I have been so many places the last two weeks I can't think of where. I will write about it when I get home and put my pictures in order. Yeah, it was really windy. It blew us all over the road when we were driving. My neice was so afraid of tornados coming.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Oh and all through Olahoma I was singing that song too.