Friday, July 18, 2008

Cat Lady

Mary Ann said that having 4 or more cats makes you the cat I guess I'm one. My family started out with Tigger. She is a crazy temperamental cat with only a half tail. She hates cats with tails and takes offense when you mention the fact that she doesn't really have a tail. Tigger hated me when I was in photography class and she's starting to not like me because of my new camera :)

The second cat we came to own is Stanley. He's beautiful, but he doesn't have the ability to meow. He's been hanging around for a few years and has been pretty skiddish most of the time, but once in a while I can bribe him with food and he lets me pet him. Today he was my best bud because I was petting him. Stanley's a little camera shy at first.

Then came Stubby. He has a tail that looks like a bunny's. I wanted to call him Stumpy, but mom said no it was Stubby.

Our last cat is Socks. He's got that fur where it looks like he's wearing white socks. I can't get pictures of Socks and Stubby...haven't even been able to pet them, but we still claim them. All four cats enjoy sitting in random places...on the car, in a box, on a tables, and the latest is in the top drawer of a topless vanity.


Bunny scratch.


Watch out for the tiger Tigger! (She's just yawning.)

Shy Stanley.

Pretty kitty.

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Courtney said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! LOL at the one of Tigger looking fierce!!