Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, if you scroll down and look to the right what do you see?? Yep...that's for my etsy store--Generation Gap! Please take some time to look around the shop. I know there's not much there yet, but I'm still working on it. Please read the store profile, announcement, etc. and give feedback on what you think. When I first got it set up mom and I had a squealing session and I about hyperventilated :) All better now. If you want to know the inspiration behind the name...go read the profile.

The direct link is


MaryCatherine said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I love it. I'm so excited for my bloggy buddy! You're hats are adorable. I can not wait to see what else you put up!!

Courtney said...

I just checked out your site. Congratulations!!! I am so proud of my little sister.