Friday, September 26, 2008

Technology Hates Me!

This week has been one thing after another. First my pretty red lappy has to go into the shop because the screen shorts out all the time. So I take old lappy with broken hinges back to school with me...with the messed up power cord. So I go to a friend's to charge my computer and it takes forever and the cord he gives me to use later doesn't work. So I finally get my cable in the mail and the school internet goes down! I'm posting this from a friend's house because I just can't seem to get a head. I think technology hates me for the last journal entry I wrote for contemporary issues class...I said that I don't really like technology and basically bashed modern technology for about half of the jounral entry.

So...hopefully my luck with technology will improve soon and I can get back to liking the computer and posting more often :)

...and now the spell check won't you'll have to deal with any typos...

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