Thursday, October 30, 2008


I stayed up super late last night working on a story for feature writing. Then I worked on if for hours this afternoon. About 3:30 this afternoon I went to save the paper one last time before I emailed it to my professor and suddenly my computer spazzed! It said my flash drive had been unplugged (which it wasn't...the little icon was still in the toolbar). A little window popped up and said it was going to have to transfer my paper into some weird format like wls$rr (something like that) and it asked if I wanted to convert it in that format. I've seen files like that and they are just a bunch of jumbled letters. So I clicked no and then the page went blank! I tried everything I could and there was no recovering the was gone. The only thing I could do was start over with the part I wrote last night and had saved in a different spot. I sat here for a few minutes in disbelief wanting to cry and throw the computer across the room (I didn't do either). Then I spent the next hour writing everything I could remember putting in the original paper and then sent it to my teacher. Thank goodness for rewrites!

Anyway, on a much happier note...don't forget to enter my giveaway in the post below before tomorrow night.

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