Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep sendin' them cards and letters...

I'm betting no one except my dad will get my title reference...but that's ok :)

Yesterday I packaged, repackaged and sent out my whimsy jar for a swap I'm in. I filled a baby food jar full of all sorts of fun stuff- including but not limited to- buttons, beads, a leather ring made from an old airplane seat, ribbon, foam stickers, a hair clip, fabric, a necklace, an embossing stamp and more. I also sent a handmade card-made using this how-to, a little note, a business card, and a cute tag from an old book page. Everything was first put into a bubble envelope...but I was worried the jar would break. So before I sewed the envelope closed I went to the post office and asked Post Office Paul what he thought. He said it would be ok, but safer in a he went into the back and found a small box that something had gotten mailed to the actual post office in yesterday and he repackaged everything for me! Another reason why I love the people at the post office :)

So anyway, here are some pictures...the map envelope is the one I ended up not using. The notecard was stamped using an eraser stamp that I carved! The beautiful atlas being used for a backdrop is one I purchased at a book sale for $1 on my way home last weekend...then I dropped it carrying it to my room this week and messed the spine up a little (I wanted to cry...but didn't).

Oh and there was a write up in the university paper this week about how I make and sell hats! The reporter came to me two weeks ago and said she wanted to interview me because I'm interesting!

**If this post is a little hard to understand it's because I'm really tired**


Courtney said...

I went and looked up your interview. That is so awesome. Have you made any sales since the paper came out?

You should type up the interview on here so everyone can read it.

i am very mary said...

Love that you're getting your craft on, and I agree with Courtney: GET THE INTERVIEW ON HERE!