Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Costumes!

I love Halloween because I get to wear fun things and people don't say mean things about it...we should have Halloween once a week, or at least once a month. I wore my steampunk costume a week and a half ago for Club Alt, then Tuesday for Halloween geek night, and all day on Halloween.

The town I live in is a little weird...Halloween was postponed until Saturday because of the high school football game. So on Saturday after working the Autumn Days festival (I got to be a judge of the Salsa Showdown because one of the actual judges didn't show up!) I went trick-or-treating...for canned food. The Honors Student Association was collecting canned food for a food bank. I was tired of trying to explain to people what my costume I decided to change up my outfit a little and go as a saloon girl. However I ended up going as a pirate because pirate boy wanted a pirate girl to match.

So here comes the pictures...

The air ship captain and the first mate

Air ship captain again

Mario wearing the hat I made

Alice in Wonderland gang

Pirate-the costume I made most of


Holy Crap! and pirate


Albert Einstein??

I want a carmel apple....


Pegs said...

you looked like you had a lot of fun during halloween ... loved loved the mario ... hihihi

i am very mary said...

I love them all! And thank you for the surprise in the mail!