Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night was opening night for Cinderella, the play Angela and I have costuming. It come off pretty well, which is amazing, considering the issues that have been going on with the play. A couple of weeks ago there were tornado watches in town and the director was running through the scene shop and whacked his head on a concrete doorway. There are two girls cast as Cinderella and one of them had to have surgery a few weeks ago and the other one got staff infection shortly after that. During the last dress rehearsal Tuesday night one of the mice/horses got kicked in the mouth during the scurrying portion and four of her teeth broken off. Then a short time later the prince had a panic attack and almost passed out...we're pretty sure that someone either said Macbeth in the theatre or that someone ticked off the ghost of Dorothy Summers* But after six staples in the head, a hospital quarantine, an emergency oral surgery and a night off for the entire cast things are going good!

*Dorothy Summers was the first theatre director/costumer of our university. The theatre is now named after her. The university is building a new fine arts building that has an amazing new theatre in it and people keep saying how awesome it's going to be, but that we're still stuck in the old theatre for this production.

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