Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good times...

I think my blog just laughed at me when I signed in because it's been so long.

The past week and a half has been pretty awesome. I had some good conversations, figured out where I am, and have had a lot of fun times with my friends. Goody's is having a going out of business sale, so I bought a really cute dress for under $10, regular $50. I ordered a pair of earrings on etsy and it's almost time that I can change them from the ones I got them pierced with. I sold my first vintage item on etsy last week!

Angela and I spent 6 hours on Saturday working on costumes for Cinderella. The costume parade is this Thursday, first dress is Saturday, and opening night is nest Thursday so it's getting down to the wire. On Sunday I went with Angela and Alex to church at The Freedom Center. I loved it! I haven't been going to church while I'm at school, just when I'm home on the weekends. But I really liked Freedom Center and I'm definitely going back. After church Angela and I got prettied up and had us a photoshoot at the park. We've been planning on having one since Fall, but then the weather turned cold, but since we've been having 60-70 degree weather this past week we decided to take advantage of it.

Yesterday I got a big stuffed dog and have named him Hector Heart-Butt (he has an appliqued heart on his backside). Hector looks a little like a HushPuppy dog I had when I was little.

I made an apron today in costuming class. It's just a lame white apron, but it's for on of the chefs in Cinderella. Since our class is moving along faster then expected we might get to learn how to make structured hats from scratch! I'm really wanting to learn that because making a newsboy hat is cool...but being able to make a structured hat out of buckram would be awesome! I got mail today for the first time in a while. I was a cute little postcard from Mary Ann!

Anyway, enough of my talking and on to some pictures. These are basically unedited...I'll be working on them and adding new ones when I can. *Note- the black and white draped shirt is the one I made from a thrift store dress.