Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Connecting with my Native side

Just to clarify, I am not Native American...but I felt as though I am. I love pow wows, I love crafting with my hands, I try to respect the Earth, heck I wear a terrarium around my neck so I always have a piece of Earth with me.

Monday and Tuesday both I went thrifting and over the course of the two days I found three full length 100% leather skirts (one tan, two black) all the same brand. I bought all three and have been having a hay-day.

Tonight I made this necklace from the tan leather skirt, a couple of suspender clips that were lying around my room, and a wooden bead. The pendant part of the necklace was made using the tear technique that I learned about from Lanny North. After tearing it I burned the edges for a more rugged/traditional look. The suspender clips are functional (to take on and off the necklace) as well as symbolic of the metal breastplates some Native Americans tribes began to wear after the Europeans came to America.

I've always thought the phrase that something "evolved organically" about design was stupid, but now I understand it. This necklace didn't turn out like I first imagined because it evolved along the way and I love how it turned out!

Since I'm so pleased with how this came out I'm working on some other necklaces and some earrings to sell on etsy. Each piece will be one of a kind because of the tearing method I'm using. I'm super excited about this!

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