Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Products/New Type of Photos

I love being at home and our new house...but it has a down side. There is nowhere in this house where I can get good lighting for a photo. So until I get a light kit I have to take photos outside (I haven't tried the garage yet...so we'll see about that). Anyway, I have some new items to put up on etsy so I did a test run yesterday and I love the results! I used a rustic wooden bench on the porch as the background and it is so my style. Here are some of yesterday's photos...aren't the colors beautiful?!?

These sets are avaliable in my store under the supplies section.


Courtney said...

Is the chalk vintage?

A glance at my world said...

No. It's supplies for card making, rubber stamping, or scrapbooking.

Courtney said...

I thought you said that things sold on Etsy have to be either vintage or handmade. Does it fit because they are used for handmade items?