Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quite a Weekend

I'll start with yesterday...stayed up late writing my last paper ever. Then got up Friday morning for a photo shoot. Angela and I are going to appear in the East Central University Centennial Look Book and the promotional catalogue for next year. We took photos in our "backstage" costumer look and then in costumes. Then we took care of turning in work keys, selling back books, leaving a forwarding address, etc. Then after helping friends move out of the dorms Jordan and I went on a date and we were reminded again of how indecisive we can be :) We ended up heading to McDonald's for a late night snack which involved raincoats and forging a river in the parking lot. Just as I was saying "a number 1 with a coke" the power on half the town went out. So we thought we'll just go to Taco Bell, it's on the other half of town....but no, Taco Bell was the only place on the street without power. We finally got some subs at the gas station and headed back to school...I know this story is probably lame, but just stick with it :) I discovered last night how creepy the school is without power...there were safety lights on and it looked like every horror film I've never wanted to see. We ended up eating by the light of the laptops and talked about how only Jordan and I can have a last night of hanging out that goes like this. The power came back on about an hour and a half later. So I got to bed about 2 a.m.

I had to be up and in my cap and gown at 7:45 this morning to receive my Alpha Chi honor cords. Walked to pomp and circumstance at 10, heard Jim Lehrer speak and was graduated with high honors by 11:15. And only cried like four times over the past two days...

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