Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nerd Alert!

I had no idea how big of a nerd I was until I started checking out audio books. I can get them online from my local library. I check them out, download them and can listen to them for 7 days, then the files will no longer work. I've listened to over a dozen audio books this way. The files can be put on mp3 players so you can listen to them away from the computer, but I don't own an mp3 player so I have listened to countless hours of books while vegging at my computer. The latest two are Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict that was over 7 hours long and currently The Prestige which is over 12 hours long. I've just sat here and listened to almost 6 hours of The Prestige in the last few days...mostly while doing other things like filming Whitney fact I'm having to mute most of my video footage on the past two episodes because of the audio books playing in the background... *couNERDgh**

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