Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've recently gotten attached to audio books. I started out getting them as downloads from my local library's website, but I've also done books-on-tape, cd, and the new playway (book on mp3). My latest project is the 24 book Tarzan series. I finished the first 4 books and was checking wikipedia to figure out what the next book in the series is and stumbled across something really cool. Free online audio books! I knew the Tarzan books were copy write free because they are so old and I've read along to most of them on classic reader but I had no idea that there would be copy write free audio versions. This is great because my library only has the first 6 books.

So all that rambling and storytelling to say that there are lots of great resources out there on the internet. I wanted to share some of them. These can be really helpful for homeschooling, college, or if you're just wanting to read some classics.

Classic Reader - you can search by title, author, type, etc.
Full Books - categorized by title
Book-a-Minute - just for fun :)
The Literature Network - I haven't used this one yet, but I found it the other day
LibriVox - tons and tons of audio books

That's all the links I've got for now, I hope these come in handy for someone! :)


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks, now you've just added many more hours to me sitting in front of the computer :) I'm in love with books, in any form lol

A glance at my world said...

Glad I could add to your sitting in front of the computer time :)