Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Hacked!

No I don't mean my account has been hacked...but I'm hacked. I'm really, really hacked off with youTube. Ok not so much with youTube as with GoDigital Media Group.

I received an email earlier today (Tuesday) that said my latest video "may have content that is owned or licensed by GoDigital Media Group." May have content?!? The video had me talking and a waltz from Chopin! Any copywrite there ever was on Chopin has long since expired...and I downloaded it from means it's legal to use in any way I choose. So if GoDigital decides to pursue this and have the audio removed from my video I will be filing a dispute claim.

What really chaps my hide (forgive the saying...I am from Oklahoma) is that they choose that particular video. The one that is just me showing pictures of my life. There are a number of videos on my youTube channel that could probably get called on for copywrite infringement because they were made for educational use and the copywrite laws apply differently to that. But instead they go after my tag video...which BTW I was going to use the Martina McBride song Anyway as the soundtrack, but didn't because I was afraid of using a copywrited song...see where that got me...

So yeah...I'm mad right now and wanted to rant about it. I will be less angry in the morning and a new episode will be up. Which was another aggravation. Project 1- fail. Sewing machine- stopped working. I look- bad.

But even with all the annoyances the day was still good! I took the first step toward reaching a dream I've had for many, many years...and that's all the details I'm giving on it for now.


Mr. Puggle said...

i just googled the GoDigital people and your blog came up. i have Blue Danube playing in the background of my video. should be public domain?

came across this article too.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough I had a nice educational clip online, with the permission of the creator organisation. It was dialogue with no music except for a 5 second beepy part at the start. GoDigital says its theirs. How can a Maltese language brief story be theirs? They don't have the rights of this production and it is not even a song and no song is contained in it. AFter contesting it I decided to just go delete it. Good riddance to them.

Anonymous said...

GoDigital just did the same thing to me, and I used royalty-free stock production music in my videos.

Other people have complained about GoDigital doing this to them recently as well, some with videos using classical music like Beethoven in their videos. So apparently GoDigital owns Beethoven? Bach? Chopin?

Once GoDigital makes a claim, it never, ever goes away, even if they are wrong. They counter-protest your protest automatically, and then cheerfully inform you that they won't pull your video or mute your audio when you contact them via email. If you ask them bluntly which "catalog" they own contained the stock music you used, they will not answer. Yet, their claim still stands and the ads still play on your video. Plus, your video may be blocked in some countries.

They're an utter scam. A scam which exists simply to slap adspace on people's videos. And the way YouTube is set up, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about them.