Friday, January 1, 2010


My mom and I finally busted out of the house today! wasn't really that dramatic...but since I hadn't gone anywhere in 11 days I think I'm allowed to be a little dramatic about this.

Anyway, we got out and went to the thrift store, JoAnns, and the library and also ran a few errands. I found some new records at the thrift store! I used to buy records all the time (I had found a place where vinyls were 20 for $1! but sadly that place closed) then I stopped buying them because I didn't have my own record player...but mom and dad got me a new record player for my birthday!! I'll put up pictures soon. So I'm going to start buying records that was a lot of rambling about how much of a nerd I am... ;)

At JoAnns I got some more panty elastic so I can make more panties! Tutorial in case you haven't seen it. I also picked up presents for a couple of friends (a birthday and a pre-wedding gift) and I was finally able to get supplies for the Micheal Jackson/Military jacket project! I'm so excited about it! Now that I have the supplies I'm able to actually visualize the project and it has evolved a little and I think it's going to turn out even better then I first thought! *If you're not sure what I'm talking about for this jacket, go check out the jackets on the Forever21 website- they have a TON in this style*

I just wanted to make a quick shout out...I love JoAnns Fabric Store! If there is one near you then please go in and sign up for their catelogue. It will come to you in the mail and it always has coupons in it. Then today the check out lady even gave me an extra coupon to use on top of the 40% off one I was already using! So basically JoAnns is my favorite place to buy sewing supplies. *Was my second fav but the fabric outlet in Ada is closing :( *

One last thing...I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I read my 50 books for the year. I finished up the year with 52! Could have been more but I got lazy this last week :) I'm hoping to read 35 in 2010. I know that's a step down...but I have big plans for '10 that may not leave much time for reading! Anyway, that's about all I have. Hope everyone has a great weekend and an awesome new year!

*If there are typos/weird sentences in this post I blame it on the fact that it's nearly 2:30 a.m.

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