Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

I never claim to be a religious blogger…in fact religion is one of those things I tend to avoid discussing like I do politics. However there has been one topic I really kept thinking about this evening.

This past Sunday Pastor preached on tithing. Not too popular a topic is it? However he made some great points. Pastor talked about how it’s important to tithe both your time and your finances.

Some people feel that when money gets tight they can just go to tithing their time and not worry about tithing financially. On the flip side there are people who don’t want to give of their time so they will only tithe financially. If you live by one of these two ideas how do you draw the line? When does money get too tight or time too busy? Can you honestly make that judgment call and will you recall it when things get better?

Ok…I’m going to leave the tithing of time at that because my point today is really about finances.

I have faithfully tithed financially since Day 1 of receiving an allowance…so a really long time. Now that I run my own business it’s a little harder to tithe because I have to do my bookkeeping. I have to calculate cost of supplies, fees, etc. to know how much I net.

Sometimes I get behind on my bookkeeping…usually when business slows down a little. When you aren’t bringing in as much money you don’t feel like reminding yourself of how much you’ve spent. So I may go a month without looking at my books. Then I will finally just sit down and get caught up. I write my tithes check (wish it wasn’t so small…small tithes means less money went in the bank) and go on with my life. Every time I get behind and force myself to sit down and face the numbers I make a big sale…usually by the next day.

I don’t think that is a coincidence in any way. I believe that God truly does reward those who are diligent to him. Who knows…if I had stopped being lazy earlier business would probably have picked up sooner.

The way I look at it is this- my business prospers when I’m faithful to God. Therefore I’m always going to make sure I show my thanks to Him through my tithing. Then it turns into a giant circle. When I do my part God blesses me so I can give more which he blesses even more and I can give more…you get the picture. These days I honestly believe that I can’t afford not to tithe.

So guess my only question for you is do you tithe when you can or because you can’t afford not to?


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Dad said...

Amen Sister, or Daughter or uh, you know what I mean.........

Dork Vader said...

*high fives* That is exactly what I think. Not paying tithing is like depriving yourself of blessings, and who wants to do that? :P