Thursday, March 17, 2011

God WILL Provide

I was in the shower just a few moments ago thinking about what has happened recently because I wanted to do a blog update (because I'm challenging myself to blog at least once a week). As I was pondering I began to see a trend...God has been so incredible in providing for us as we are faithful to Him.

For the past month or so Jeremiah and I have needed a couple more bookcases. However we kept putting off buying any new ones. One day last week Jeremiah came in from work and said there was two bookcases sitting next to the dumpster. We walk down and took a look and there was two five foot bookcases in great condition! So we carried them back to the apartment...they are exactly what we needed. I know that's not a huge thing to most people, but to us the two bookcases were a big deal.

I haven't mentioned it on here (except in a video), but we are in the process of buying a house. Monday we went in with a contractor to get an estimate on some work and found out that the house had been broken into. The dead bolt was gone, the copper pipes under the kitchen sink was stolen, the cabinet doors in the laundry room were ripped off, and every wire going to the fuse box was cut. At the time it hit me hard emotionally, but now that I've had a few days it doesn't seem as bad...because the same day we found out there was a mistake and our original bid price was accepted. This saves us $3,557 from what we were expecting to pay! Repairing the damage from the break in will be less then $3,557...and who knows, maybe there was some bad wiring and having the box rewired may be preventing something worse that could have happened. So even though something bad happened to the house, God took care of us financially.

This is just two situations where God has provided for us recently, but there are so many more I could share! What has God done for you?


Janet said...

God is faithful. Dad and I were saying that the wiring could have been bad or maybe the plumbing would have leaked. It will all work out in the end. Praying protection over your house. :)

pattycakes said...

For certain this is a big deal because everything about us matters to God! Thanks for sharing.