Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Don't Know if You Don't Ask

This has seperate paragraphes but blogger is messing the formating anytime you see [---] that means new paragraph :) --- I've been reminded several times lately of the old saying 'you won't know unless you ask/you won't know if you don't ask'. It is so true! I used to never ask for 'extras' or 'specials' but I'm starting to learn that it really doesn't hurt to ask. I know this is sounding rather vague, but here are a couple of examples. --- A couple of weeks ago I was watching an old Threadbanger episode where Corinne used Threadless shirts for a project and she mentioned that they were damaged tees Threadless had given to TB. So I started thinking...I know TB is much larger and more known then Whitney Sews, but I decided to ask Threadless anyway- because remember, it doesn't hurt. I contacted Threadless and explained my show, that T-shirt recons are my most popular projects, included a link and asked it they had any damaged shirts I could use. By the next day I was contacted back and they said it sounded great, just make sure to mention Threadless sent them, and some shirts were headed my way...just because I wasn't afraid to ask. --- Two days ago Jeremiah and I were looking at a house and decided to put in an offer. The walls of the house were decorated, there was a couple of cases, and curtains on all the windows. We liked the decorations so we wrote into the offer that all those items would be included (along with the brand new appliances)...and it was accepted! Just because we bothered to ask we get to keep some really beautiful items. --- Don't be afraid to ask when situations arise. I'm not saying to be annoying- be respectful and ask politely. Of the answer is no, then just accept it and don't whine, but I think you'll notice the answer is yes more often then not.

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Noureena said...

thnx for sharing your beautiful thoughts Whitney.. I dunno if u remember I was tellin ya that I was workin on my dissertation and was stressed lately and came to find some peace of mind on yr blog) well i finished my dissertation and here i am enjoying your videos and posts:)

you`re a hardworker..dats y ppl can`t refuse u when u ask...