Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today was the first time in a year that I've sang in a Sunday church service! It was wonderful.

Right at one year ago I quit the praise team at my old church to finish planning our wedding. Jeremiah and I got married and spent the summer here, there and everywhere. Then we moved to a new area.

On September 26th we walked into our new church. From that very day we could tell it was a special place. HCC is like no other church we've been in before. About a month in we attended a new members class and fellowship. We played a finish the lyrics type game. The music minister, Alan, heard Jeremiah sing a line and that's how he found out we sing. Anyway, long story short we finally got past the holidays and started attending some practices and sang a Wednesday service and Saturday event.

Which brings me to today...Jeremiah was working media (another ministry he's getting involved in) and I sang. I was nervous at first because I had to leave last week's practice early, but once we got started it just felt right! I love being able to worship God and use the talents that He gave me to draw others to Him. Also while singing I could see Jeremiah up in the balcony singing and it put a smile on my face :)

For the entire rest of the day Jeremiah and I have (as Lawrence would say) kept a song in our hearts. We've been humming and even sang 'It's a New Season' as we walked down the grocery aisle in Wal-Mart!

All day today I've felt such a sense of joy. Not the jump up and down, huge smile on my face kind of joy...the subtle type of joy that just causes you to breath easy and feel as though you are exactly where God wants/needs you to be. It's a really nice feeling...I recommend it.

**Side note- I was also thinking today about when I first started church choir ten years ago. I have a neat story about how incredible God's timing is. Someone leave a comment reminding me 'Friday football- choir practice' and I'll try to post it soon.**


Bridgett said...

That's so awesome Whitney! I'm happy for you two. :)

Noureena said...

:)I can understand the kinda joy you are talkin feels so nice.. i`m happy for you both Whitney. May God bless you