Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life Update...

My life update:

Today is the one and a half year anniversary for me and my boyfriend! It's been the best year and a half of my life. At times it doesn't seem like it's been that long, but other times it seems like it's been forever. :)

I recently won another craft givaway. This one is from Junk Drawer and it is an amazing package of old papers! I can't wait until I get it in the mail and see what awesome things I can create with it.

The musical I was in ended yesterday. Three of the four performances were sold out and the other one was a full house. We got a standing ovation and got to do a curtain call on the final performance and that made the whole thing perfect! The whole experiance was great. I made lots of news friends and had tons of fun.

Only two more days of school before I get to go home for Thanksgiving break! That means I get to hang out with my friends from high school, relax, and hopfully get lots of crafting done. I started a mini scrapbook last night about the musical that will include a program that was singed by all 40 cast members and stage hands.

The only bad thing about Thanksgiving break coming up so soon is that I have homework, tests, and projects to do before hand. In fact I'm putting off writing two papers in order to write this blog...opps.

Since I'm putting off doing other productive things, I might as well share a photo (I hate making posts without pictures). This was taken on Friday when I stepped outside my dorm to go eat dinner. Pretty huh?!?

Well I guess that's all that's new in my life right now. Oh...I'm really wanting to get involved with some sort of swap. So if you know of a good one going on right now please let me know.

In response to the comment from usHHfan: Yes, the Captain Horatio Hornblower postcards are for sell, but I was unsure how to get ahold of you. Please get me an email address so we can be in contact.

Current read: Anne of Avonlea

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