Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goodie Bag

I fell in love with this little bag tutorial from Fiona last week. I just had to make one for myself. So when I got up yesterday I started right in. I did make one change to the bag...I left out the pvc. My bag isn't to hold make-up so I really have no need to make it spill proof. I made my bag using fabric that Kevin's grandmother gave me a while back. The outside fabric is French Fryzz brand vintage fabric. I don't know much about the brand except most of the French Fryzz fabric was printed on potato sack like fabric. I googled the brand and couldn't find this fabric so I'm wondering if it was printed in limited supply. *shrug* If you know anything about this brand please let me know because I would love to learn more about it.

This bag was pretty easy to make considering this was only my second attempt at a zipper. I plan on making another bag soon and will post pictures of each step. Hope you like my new little goodie bag.

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