Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Sites

I've noticed some new blogs lately that I wanted to share with everyone. The first is by Mary Ann called indie-pendence. Every few days she writes an article showcasing an independent designer. It's a really neat site and it's fun to see what artists are out there waiting to be discovered.

The second blog I want to point out is very new and dad's. He saw how much fun I was having with my blog and wanted to have one himself. My dad is a fan of Branson and classic country music (that's where I get it from). So his blog is entitled "Why are they not in Branson..." For each post he chooses a someone who is a "big name" in classic country, writes some about the person, and why he thinks they would be a perfect candidate to have their own theater in Branson. I had to help me dad figure out the whole blogging thing and trust me it was a long process *cough* I mean lots of fun ;)

I hope you check out both of these sites and enjoy them as I have.

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