Friday, December 7, 2007

Only Two Finals Left!

I'm finished up with all my regular classes and only have 2 finals left! So now Im going to take the weekend to relax a little and hang out with some friends. Today I spent some time playing around in Photoshop and made some new pictures.

This is one I took at Silver Dollar City...and that is my dad in wearing the blue shirt. There slogan in "You have a great past ahead of you." I wanted to make a picture that represented that, so here's what I've got...the train ride taking us into "the past," or at these the color of the past. :)

This is a pic I took over the summer at the western style entertainment venue that I worked at. I made the background look western-ish and the young man stand out like he's John Wayne ( the John Wayne part is just a joke).

Anyway, that's all the new pics I've got for now. I'm working on downloading a new program that is like Photoshop so I can work on photos outside of school.

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