Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh the stress...but pictures help

Most people think that finals week is the most stressful time for a college student...WRONG! In my life it happens to be the week before. I have tons of homework and studying to do and on top of that I was just put in charge of a commemorative video that my Special Events class is putting together. We got the script for the video at the end of last week and it's due this Friday. You're probably wondering if I'm so busy then why am I writing this...good question. I'm to that point that if I study any more my head will just explode. So in order to ease my mind I went through my old photographs to find some that gave a glimpse of my the blog title does suggest.
The first is a picture I took last April, a few weeks before the semester ended. I was sitting in the car waiting for Kevin, I got bored so I took a picture in the mirror. Then I went into photoshop and made only the reflection color.

Second, while on our one year anniversary picnic, Kevin and I ran across these three hearts drawn on the sidewalk at the park.

Third we have the giant crazy-looking cloud that I saw while I was driving home at the end of the semester in May.

And just because it looked cool!

This helped my stress level go down. Hope you enjoyed the glance at my world.

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