Friday, December 28, 2007

Out on the town

Today my mom and I hit the town. We started out by meeting my dad at The Corner Cafe, a local diner on *in big epic voice* THE Historical Route 66! It was a cute little place that was bustling with activity. They had the most delicious club sandwich.

After lunch we went to some area thrift stores. At the first one I got a vintage tree topper and a sewing box, both for half price.

(This is not a picture of mine, but looks almost just like it.)

Then we hit the jackpot of all was book-a-palozza! By that I mean we got like 22 books for under $21. The majority of the books are quilting books that my mom likes, some are about building your own home (which we're going to do soon!), and I got Christopher Reeves' autobiography and a Lawrence Welk autobiography that is autographed by Tom Netherton. I know that sounds like a lot, but really the sale price on just one of the quilting books is $21.95. So mom and I are very proud of our thrift store treasures!


Mary Ann said...

I hit the thrifty jackpot, too! I think people throw out "old" stuff after Christmas, but that's when I start collecting vintage finds for my friends for next Christmas!

IheartHuckabee said...

Can I borrow the Christopher Reeves book sometime if it has a lot about him playing Superman in it?