Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Silver Dollar City Christmas...Part 3

Ok so once it got dark at Silver Dollar City the park got even more beautiful and magical then before. As I was walking around all I wanted to do was capture the magic on camera. So here are my attempts. They aren't perfect but I will show you what I did to improve them.

When trying to photograph Christmas lights there are a few things to remember. The flash is going to ruin it. I'm serious...

The first photo was taken using flash, the second was without a flash.

The colors are much more brilliant in the second photo because the photo allowed more of the surrounding light to come in. The problem with the second photo is camera shake. The way to avoid that is a tripod. However most of us don't carry a tripod strapped on our back at all times....I know I don't :) In order to get the effect of using a tripod find any steady object...a fence post, trash can lid, table, etc. and rest your camera on it while still holding on to it to take the picture.

With both sets the first pic was taken just holding the camera; for the second I used a fence post to keep my camera steady.

These pictures took 15-20 seconds each to take in order to allow enough light to get into the camera. Because of the long period of time anything that is moving in the camera view ends up blurred. That is why people look a little ghostly. (That can be used to your benefit at times...but that is a whole other story and in fact a project I did for photography II class). I hope my information and tips are helpful to you and don't come too late to take some great photos during this holiday season.

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