Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Silver Dollar City Christmas...Part 2

If you missed part one...I took a trip to Silver Dollar City with my parents last Friday and I'm writing a kind of photo journal on here about the trip and will include some photo tips on Christmas lights.

You can't go to SDC without taking the classic picture in front of the giant sign...whether it's your first or more like the 70th time to be there. So after hanging out with Santa I sat down with my parents to listen to the Cajun Connection (a zydeco style band including an accordionist, piano player, drummer, bass player, guitar player, two dancers, and Washboard Leo...he really plays a washboard!).

Then I took off to ride some roller coasters...and left my camera with my parents. (I'm kicking myself for that because there was the most beautiful sunset behind one the coasters and was a picture perfect moment). *kicking myself*
Then the festivities started up with the lighting of the 5-story Christmas tree in the town square. It's huge. It's beautiful. And the lights on the tree change color and pattern to the music as well as all the other lights in the square.

 next post will seriously include the photo tips. I just had to show off my other photos first :)

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