Friday, January 4, 2008

Flashback Friday

I'm doing a new thing called Flashback Friday. Each Friday I'm going to show some pictures taken while I was growing up. Some of them are from those painful teenage years, please don't laugh ok it may be to hard to resist so please don't laugh to hard.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about graduation, internships, jobs, etc. When going through my old pictures I came across pictures from senior graduation, 8th grade graduation, and eventually my kindergarten graduation. So today's Flashback Friday is graduation pictures.

First off is kindergarten and honestly I don't remember anything from that day...but look how cute we were! I was all serious in my polka dotted dress.

Ahh...middle school. The slightly awkward years but where the best friendship there's ever been was formed!

This was planned...the only photo requirment I made for my high school grad was a picture with my pastor to match the one from my 8th grade grad.

Still best friends, through middle school, high school, and now into college :)

College graduation coming in 18 months...

This has been fun looking back through my old pictures. More flashback moments to come next Friday.

(Please bear with me in remembering that all these pictures are pre-digital. My photos didn't go digital until Christmas of 2006.)

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