Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's crazy to think that it's already 2008!

I've been you of town the last couple of days. Where was I at, you may ask...I was at a First Night event. (First night is a family friendly, alcohol free event on New Year's Eve.) Who did I see...well great question. I saw...ELVIS!!

Ok, ok so it's really Kraig Parker, but he sure looked convincing.

At first night there were over 50 different performing groups/entertainers, mostly local talent. There were a lot of great groups. Then the main event was Kraig Parker. One of the classes I was in last semester worked on our University radio program called Assignment Radio and I did the story over Parker. I had no intentions of going to First Night until about 3 o'clock on New Year's Eve...then decided that I couldn't live without seeing Parker...and Kevin! And trust me it was worth it! I'm too young to actually have seen Elvis, but from the videos I've seen it was just like seeing Elvis last night.

After more then an hour of Elvis it was time to count down to the new year and watch the first night fireworks. It was a very impressive show and much better then I had excepted since it was the first time for my university to host first night. The Salvation Army gave out free hot chocolate to every one. Thank you Salvation Army, it was ReaLLY cold outside!

When the fireworks were over Kevin and I went back to get a picture taken with Kraig...

...and I touched his hair.


Mary Ann said...

Yes, but did you run your fingers through his chest hair? Hmmmm?

IheartHuckabee said...

You guys are weird with the Elvis hair!!!

Tonight Mike Huckabee mentioned that it was Elvis's birthday when he was giving a speech. :)