Friday, January 18, 2008

Flashback Friday...3

It's a bird, it's a's SuperRascal!*

He was the greatest of the crime fighting dogs...

Faster then a tossed treat
More powerful then a chew toy
Able to leap the fence in a single bound.

During the day this dog hero would pretend to be a normal dog, living with a normal family. I was only able to capture him in action because I was the Lois Lane to his Superman and he trusted my 11-year-old self and my fast shutter reflexes to keep his secret.

I can only reveal his identity now because Rascal is, well...not with us anymore :(

Wow, that's kind of a sad umm, puppies are cute. My sis just got a new puppy.

*(SuperRascal! is all one word. You must say it fast and with lots of emphasis.)


I AM VERY MARY said...

That picture is superfly!

IheartHuckabee said...

I've never seen that pic before. Cute.

Feel free to steal pics of my dog. Have you watched the video I put on Myspace yet?

(for those who don't know, I'm the sis she refered to)