Thursday, January 24, 2008

A new adventure... sewing.

Last weekend I found this video on threadbanger that has a tutorial for making a pill box hat. I made one on Monday that turned out pretty bad :/ Last night I made a second attempt and it turned out much better.

I wore my hat to classes today and was told I looked like everything from a little Russian girl to a stewardess. Also about 42 people said I looked like I was wearing a yarmulke!?! I did get a lot of compliments about my hat :)

So I'm finally at the point in my life where I can where whatever I want and not care about what people think or say about it. That’s why I could wear my silly little hat today and not get fazed when some people laughed, at one point that would have kept me from wearing something I was proud of. Anyway, enough of that. Kevin came overto take pictures, so here they are...


Rants/Raves said...

I like it. It's cute and YOU. Those people laughing are just haters. It's like the pillbox hats, right?

MaryCatherine said...

I think you look quite fetching! I love pillbox hats, I used to have one that my mom felted for me, I loved that hat...don't need it anymore in Hawaii though :-/ I miss hats and scarves and cunning little coats...*sigh*