Friday, January 25, 2008

Flashback Friday...4

This week is a themed Flashback Friday. That theme is...a t-shirt and large cats.

The t-shirt I'm referring to is from 1st grade. It says my school's name and "where learning is fun," which I'm not so sure it's true, but oh well.

I was wearing "the" shirt when my family and I went to Fiesta Texas sometime shortly after 1st grade. While we were there a picture was taken of me sitting on a giant lion statue.

Then sometime in high school it was cool to start wearing old t-shirts again. So we all pulled out our shirts for grade school or swiped on from a cousin or something. For some crazy reason must have been laundry day I wore my shirt from 1st grade on our senior trip. Ironically I took a picture with another giant cat statue (tigers this time, I think). It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I noticed the crazy similarities in these two photos.


MaryCatherine said...

I remember wearing old T-shirts in highscool, my favorite one was one I bought at Goodwill , it was purple and said LSU Tigers and had a big Lion head on it.

Rants/Raves said...

I wasn't going to go political. I may do it for one post, but I was going to post something else to off-set it.

How to you find blogs on here to comment on? I can't find a search bar.

Rants/Raves said...

Just made a new post.

Lola...again said...

OK...your blog is funny! I may just have to bookmark it for a good laugh! Thanks!