Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edited Photos

I got a little bored on Saturday...I ended up trying out some new techniques in Paint.net. Its some things I learned in Editing and Design last year on Quark and come to find out it can be done in my free photo editing program :)

The thing I wanted to do was put text behind a part of the photo. I'm pleased with how it came out since I was learning as I worked. I can do a tutorial on this if anyone wants me to. The methods I used are generally the same with all editing programs.

The first picture is kind of a play on words ;)

Then I did just some other editing stuff. I don't usually edit text into photos so it was good practice.

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Ranting & Raving Female said...

My favorite one is the "Love" one. Please make something cute of me and Chris and maybe some of our dogs!! :)