Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My newest addiction

During my freshman year of college I started watching One Tree Hill even though it was already the third season. After the school year was over I just stopped watching it. Then my dad told me about the fast forward four years that they are doing this season and I thought "wow, that will be a flop." But I just had to check it out...and I was surprisingly wrong. I like the new plot line because the characters are the age I am now and I can relate to them more, plus they can escape the high school drama. I say all that to say this...now that I've started watching One Tree Hill again I'm realizing how little I know about the original core story line, so I searched the internet over and found ALL of the episodes online (minus a couple here and there). So I've started at the beginning and am going to watch all of them.

Today's to-do list:

Media Ethics and Law Test- 9:30 blah
Radio Interview- 11:00 lame
Hang signs for Kevin's senior recital- every time I enter a different building
Broadcast Class- 1:00
Work in scene shop 2-5
Pick up my replacement lappy- 5:30
Honor Society Induction- 7:00
Watch the latest One Tree Hill- 8:00 if I get the chance
Go to Kevin's senior recital rehearsal- 9:00

Hoping there's enough snow for a snow day- all day long :)

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